Vladimir Putin

Callaghan, The Rt. Hon. James

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A reference to Canada's growing significance in world affairs, citing the expected membership of the Security Council of the United Nations next year, a joint chairmanship of the Conference on International Economic Co-operation, Canada's contributions to the United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, and Canada's role in the defence of the North Atlantic and Europe. Purpose of the Prime Minister's visit: to strengthen the partnership between Canada and Britain. A denial of Britain's decline, along with a list of recent achievements. Britain's new industrial strategy to modernise and broaden its industrial base. North Sea oil. The Social Contract. The opportunity for Britain to emerge in the 1980's as a powerful economy. The present preoccupations of the major industrial countries of the world in terms of economy. Concerns with inflation and unemployment. The future of economies (such as Japan) with vast balance of payments surpluses. The responsibility to correct imbalances. The world-wide economic woes. Growth in east-west trade. The role of the West in the third world. Soviet intentions in the third world. The Conference for International Economic Co-operation. The Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference. Britain's membership in the European Community with regard to Britain's relationship with Canada. Prospects for co-operation between Canada's Department of Energy and Mines and Britain's National Coal Board. Development of trade with Canada. Containing the proliferation of nuclear explosives. Britain's industrial regeneration. Britain not a strike-ridden country. More about the Social Contract. Working towards an economically powerful and socially just Britain.