Vladimir Putin

Cartland, George B.

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Developing foreign policy of the countries that are newly independent in tropical Africa: 28 territories in tropical Africa that have achieved their independence; the greater number of those coming to independence in the last three years. A review, background, and brief history of Africa, its economy, its political divisions, and home policies of the countries under discussion. Some of the speaker's personal experience in Africa, especially in the development of Uganda. Some facts and factors affecting the development of these countries. Their interest in the United Nations. Difficulties with development and the dependence on other countries of the world for assistance in the economic field for some considerable time to come. The outside world and its interest and its attitude to Africa. A review, background and history of this issue, and some specific situations. Policies of these countries. African nationalism. Creating a new world image of Africa. A renaissance of African culture. Regenerating the economies of the African countries. Approaches to development and planning. Democracy. The future: factors, problems, predictions.