Vladimir Putin

General John Craddock

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NATO; its operation in Afghanistan; its future and the vital role that Canada plays in the NATO alliance. Canada's distinguished military history. Canada's selfless service and its commitment in Afghanistan. Selfless service as personified by the non-commissioned officer. Meeting and recognizing Sgt. Ted Howard as the epitome of selfless service and an outstanding Canadian soldier. A review of Sgt. Howard's accomplishments. The presentation to Sgt. Howard of the Commander's Coin. Addressing some of the concerns raised about Canada's forces in Afghanistan and the role NATO is playing. The success of NATO in Afghanistan, with details. The ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Reaffirming a dedication to the mission. Seeing progress. Details of NATO's mission in Afghanistan. The adoption of terrorist tactics by the OMF - opposing militant forces. The ISAF constraining those activities. NATO's work with the Afghan government and the Afghan National Army. The urgent need to enhance police performance. NATO's recognition that a military solution alone does not suffice. Progress in other spheres. How to do more. What NATO wants to do. A plea to the international community to increase development efforts. Needed infrastructure and jobs. Driving a wedge between the insurgents and the day fighters; there merely with the Taliban because there is no employment. The NATO summit in Bucharest and what it provided. Where the alliance goes from here. Meeting global security challenges. Canada's continuing role.