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Memories of the old Yukon. Ideas created from the sensational stories by early-day goldseekers, with some examples. Why people do not understand the Yukon. A description, including geographical features, climate, flora and fauna. The Yukon as a paradise from the hunter's standpoint. Currency in the days of gold-dust. Banks and banking in the Yukon. The Yukon proper created in 1898, carved out of the North-West Territories by The Yukon Act. Government and judiciary. Per capita enlistments and contributions to patriotic funds in the Yukon, exceeding those of any province in the Dominion. The isolation of the country, with illustrative anecdote. Americans living in the Yukon; living together as a happy family; a feeling of general good-fellowship pervading everything. Law, order and community. Exploration of the Yukon still to be done. Gold production, with dollar figures. Yukon at present undergoing a period of transition. Advances in gold production. Geological surveys and their findings. Yukon's contributions to Canada and what development there means to those in Eastern Canada. The Yukon as a most productive part of Canada.