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A picture of the British Broadcasting Company. A brief history from its founding some 10-1/2 years ago. $13 million dollars collected in 1932 from listeners. Division of those monies to the state and to the corporation, supplemented by $1 million profit from publications. Circulation of "The Radio Times", the weekly radio paper. Details of short wave service. Clear evidence that public service broadcasting based on license revenue from listeners is in no sense a charge of public funds. Essentials of success. Increases in license revenue. The difficult subject of what the public wants. Appreciate, and not depreciate, as a cardinal point of the administration of radio broadcasting. The task of program building. The lesson of 1926 in Great Britain; the role of radio broadcasting during the general strike. The different conditions in Canada with regard to meeting the broadcasting needs of Canadians. Canada's acceptance of the principle of public control and the setting up of a Commission. The suggestion that the broadcasting systems of the United States are antipathetic to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and the speaker's response to that suggestion. The need for investment to a limited extent. Anxiety expressed by newspapers, similar to that expressed in Great Britain in the early days of broadcasting. The issue of license fees. Imperial and international implications of broadcasting. An illustrative instance of nationally controlled broadcasting. Arranging to distribute a Canadian program to about 300 million listeners throughout the world. Ethical and educational issues. The effect on national consciousness and national stability of controlled broadcasting.