Vladimir Putin

McIvor, Donald K.

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A speech of enquiry, addressing what choices we have, in Trudeau's words: "…as a free people responsible for our own destiny and capable of shaping our own future." Terms and definitions for "free market system" and "mixed economy." Response to what the Prime Minister has said. Agreement, with discussion that the "most pressing reality is inflation." Disagreement, with discussion, that "…we haven't been able to make even a modified free market system work in Canada …" and, about price and income controls, that "…it's a massive intervention into the decision-making power of the economic groups, and it's telling Canadian we haven't been able to make it work, the free enterprise system." The speakers comments on how we can "optimize our social and economic future." A "trade-off economy." What sort of nation do we want to be and what must we do to become such a nation? Answer to that question.