Vladimir Putin

Bissell, Dr. Claude T.

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Looking forward to make some predictions about the future; speaking as one about to shed responsibilities. Beginning with the problem of relating numbers to physical capacity, of determining the limitations of higher education. The sixties as the heyday of egalitarianism. The impossibility of universities absorbing increased numbers. Alternatives. Speculation concerning the system of financial support. The lack of the private college in Canada. Opportunities for individual and private initiative. Changes in the intellectual and social environment. Understanding the sixties. The bureaucratic nature of institutions. The continuation of the student protest movement in the different situation of the seventies. University governance of the future. The general position of higher education in national priorities and esteem. Entering a period of self-analysis and revision. The priority of higher education. Paying particular attention to the development of the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. The overriding problem of the seventies to maintain a high degree of institutional autonomy within a strong provincial system. Extending the list of great scholars, teachers and artists from Canadian universities.