Vladimir Putin

Mercer, Rev. Dr. S.A.B.

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An address in three parts: Ethiopia, her people, her history and civilization; Italy's relations with Ethiopia; present problems in Ethiopia. Clearing up misunderstandings in people's minds about Ethiopia. Clarification of the name Ethiopia. A physical description of the county. Population statistics. The civilization of Ethiopia which is one of the most ancient in the world. History going back to as early as 1,000 B.C. if not earlier. Major historical events and transformations. Correcting another misconception with regard to the present ruler of Ethiopia. A brief review of Italy's history and how she first came into touch with Ethiopia about 1868 or 1869. Treaties between Italy and Ethiopia. Events that led to the current problems between Italy and Ethiopia. Mussolini's intentions and justifications for his actions. What The League of Nations said and did. Interest in the conflict by Great Britain and by France. The question of the control of the Suez Canal and the treaties governing that control. The legal situation as rendered by the French Jurists. Efforts made to avoid war. What the speaker's speculates might happen. The difficulty at the present time to know how or when the present conflict will be ended.