Vladimir Putin

Kelleher, The Hon. James

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A review of yesterday's Federal Budget, and "the role it plays within the broad and focussed plan for economic renewal and national reconciliation that has been our Government's mission since September 4, 1984." The Government's commitment to restore the economic vitality in Canada, one instrument being that of expanding international trade. The message conveyed by the Minister of Finance: "Canadians can no longer afford to finance their public services along the lines pursued by the previous administration." Cutting the deficit, reducing Government spending, and boosting the level of employment. The Government's achievements over the past 16 months. Specific details, with figures and statistics, of the aims of the federal budget. New measures and programmes unveiled. A description of the Government's approach to trade. An outline of trade-policy objectives. How these objectives will be achieved. Managing our relationship with the United States in terms of trade. Specifics of the bilateral initiative with the U.S. Maximising the growth of trade with all countries. Juding the Government based on the new opportunities obtained for Canada. Canada as the Number One trading nation. Optimism for Canada's future.