Vladimir Putin

Schroeder, The Honourable Victor

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Unemployment figures in Canada and the level of human tragedy represented by those figures. Economic conditions in Manitoba prior to the current recession. A critical review of the policy of the previous government in Manitoba. A list of activities undertaken by the current government when they took office in 1981. Recession-fighting measures and their effect on the deficit, and on the level of taxation. The budget of last May. Details of financial policies and activities of the current government. Costs of operation a business office in Winnipeg, Manitoba: results of a survey. Remarks on unemployment and its effects. Business and labour working with government to develop joint strategies for strengthening the Manitoba economy. The monetary policy of Canada's national government as established by the Governor of the Bank of Canada and Canadians' response to it. The important role that governments have to play in building economic recovery. The key to the government's proposed attack on unemployment. The need for co-operation between provincial and federal governments. Some figures and details of the proposal to use expanded and accelerated public investment to create jobs. The multi-sector responsibility for national economic recovery. All levels of government in Canada meeting the challenge.