Vladimir Putin

May, Dr. Jacques M.

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Indo-China, consisting of two countries: the Kingdom of Siam on the west, and on the east the five provinces united under French guidance. Effects of the fall of France. Japan's attempts to gain influence in these two countries. Examining past events in the Far East in order to understand the coming events. A description and brief history of the Kingdom of Siam. Siam's Army, built on the Swiss model. The speaker's illustrative anecdote about this army. Successes of the army. The Air Force of Siam. Siamese dependency upon the British Empire. Relations between Siam and Indo-China. The treaty between France and Siam in 1907. Japanese influence in Siam. The population on the other side of Indo-China. The French Army and Air Force under Japanese control. How that control was attained. Indo-China the price paid by Germany to lure Japan into the unknown terms of the German-Japanese alliance. Pretexts for invasion. The real aims of Japan. Background to the Japanese-German alliance. The speaker's confidence in the British stopping the invasion of Asia, as they have stopped the invasion of Europe.