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Boyd Neil, Peter R. Aceto, Suzanne Fallender, Tom Watson

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Social Media and Corporate Trust

Introduction of panellists by Boyd Neil who continues to speak. The decline in trust in companies over the past few years. Social tools such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and blogging as catalysts for impugning corporate behaviour. Some examples. How these tools can be used by organizations and companies to build trust. Testing some hypotheses about social media and trust. Posing a few axiomatic beliefs of the speaker's own about social media. Where his point of view comes from. Facing a sea-change in the universe of idea generation, news gathering and information sharing. Three things that social media changed that can be both obstacles to and facilitators of creating trust. The concept of personal expression and friends first. The principle of group formation. Facing vastly different news dynamic. What these three observations might mean for strategies meant to sustain, defend or build trust in corporations. Four ideas for discussion. Three questions prepared for the panellists to address. Peter Aceto begins by commenting on his decision as CEO of ING Direct to participate on Twitter as himself and to have his personality on display. Suzanne Fallender's response to the possibility of a day when the blog in fact becomes the sole forum for managing CSR reporting. The final question is posed to Tom Watson about whether journalism today is surrendering its role as the watchdog of political and business behaviour to a much broader cadre of watchers, which sometimes includes members of the public who are simply in the right place at the right time. Several questions followed.