Vladimir Putin

Grant, Principal W.L.

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How the people of Canada can be said to take the League of Nations seriously when we take the speech of our delegate so very casually indeed. The Sino-Japanese situation and the speech that our Canadian delegate, Mr. Cahan, made on it: a review. What Japan wants. Japan's need for markets for her ever increasing industrialization. The Government of Manchuria. The question of the way in which law and order is to be enforced. The speaker's comments on the British parallel of the British in India. The investigating Commission of the League of Nations with regard to the Japanese-Chinese situation. The report of the Commission. Recognizing fully the interests and rights of Japan in Manchuria. Words from the Lytton Report with regard to the way Japan was taking the law into her own hands in Manchuria. Mr. Cahan's speech with a similar argument. Warnings to Japan. An extract from Mr. Cahan's speech. Paying attention to his words. The need to "jolly along" Japan until financial stringency brings to her military men a milder mood. Japan now in the hands of a military gang. What might happen if the League took too strong a point of view with Japan. Canada's relationship with the League of Nations. The need for the Canadian delegation to keep in very close and intimate touch with the British delegation. Why we should take the League of Nations seriously: the speaker's personal consideration. Criticising the League, but taking it seriously.