Vladimir Putin

Robichaud, The Honourable Louis

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Some remarks on Canada, Canadians, the F.L.Q., and Canadian Confederation. The economy of New Brunswick and the Atlantic Provinces, "as it has been and as it is now emerging in relation to the national economy." Well-intentioned measures designed to bolster the regional economy, but that ignore the real issues. The inequity of retarded economic growth. The economic vitality of the Atlantic Provinces allied with national policy. Working towards economic emancipation. The role in which Canada casts the Atlantic Provinces. What can the Atlantic Provinces do about it? Problems of the Atlantic Provinces now problems of the nation. Two important developments in recent months: the recent impetus given to a realistic, wide-based industrialization programme in the Province of New Brunswick; the recent reactivation of the Atlantic Development Board. An invitation to Canadian participation in investment in New Brunswick's programme, but acceptance of foreign capital when necessary. What has already been done: new policies towards developing the forests of New Brunswick; developing the production of base metals; an electronics manufacturing plant, in production for more than a year; millions being invested in the fish catching and processing industry; a new distillery nearing completion; new secondary manufacturing plants being developed.