Vladimir Putin

Wilson, Senator The Hon. R.V.

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Participation in the war by Canada and Australia. Australia's war debt. Uniting in peace as well as in war, in order to build against war. Difficulties to be faced in Australia, similar to those facing Canada. Cooperating with the Old Country. Assisting to ensure that the surplus people of the Old Land may be wisely and well employed. The dole system is London and what it is costing. Issues of immigration to Australia from the Old Country. Developing the Dominions and using them so that they may become and continue to be of great value to the British Empire. Looking to the Old Country for men. Learning the lesson that we cannot afford to feed those who are not our friends. The need for doers, men who are out to accomplish something. Seeking the right class of men in Australia. The policy of the Commonwealth of Australia of a white Australia. Trade between Canada and Australia. Overcoming the difficulties of distance. The need to improve marketing in Australia, with example. The possibilities of cotton. The importance of personal contact between peoples of the Empire.