Vladimir Putin

Ryerson, Rev. Egerton

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Interest in the Empire of Japan. Japan's achievements in this War. The marvelous changes that have taken place in that country during the past 40 years. Trying to show in some way how far Japan has become Occidental and how far she remains Oriental. The lack of any racial connection between China and Japan. Japan's connections with other races. The Japanese way of adopting foreign things to their own circumstances, with many examples from China. The connection between the Chinese and Japanese languages. Japan brought up with the Chinese Classics which have not been altogether discarded today. Western learning replacing Chinese learning. Japan keeping up the old customs and old methods of living, with illustrative example. The New Japan. The adoption of Western food. The traditional dress of the Japanese. Foreign clothes worn at Court, and reasons for that practice. Clothing among the lower classes and the business classes. Introducing Western dress among the girls in the schools in Tokyo. Ways in which the Japanese have adopted Western civilization. Transportation and communications in Japan. The influence of the newspapers. An illustration of our close connection with Japan. The Japanese, absorbing Christian ideas and Christian ideals. Ways in which our own nation is influencing Japan. Japan's gratitude toward England. Sympathizing with the Japanese; treating them with respect, and upon what that should be based. The status of the business class in Japan today.