Vladimir Putin

Leacock, Professor Stephen

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Facing the depression. The speaker's stand that this is a dangerous moment, a crisis. "The time has come to think. The time has come to act." What we see around us never paralleled in the world before. The world-wide, class-wide nature of this depression. Fighting it as a plague or a fire, not counting the cost. A depression that must be conquered. How we can relieve the depression in a few days and how we can, almost within six months, remove it. Eradicating and preventing a recurrence of this depression; something that will take years. Asking the ordinary person what has caused the depression and the great number of answers received. Looking for a solution for now. A look back over history, just over 100 years of our profit system. The economic interests of the individual as the basis of society. How well this system has worked and will continue to work. An examination of the alternatives. Ways in which our social system does work. The circumstance of the War and precipitating causes. What is happening now as the logical economic outcome of the circumstances of the War: hurtling headlong over the abyss of over-plenty. Operating a rise of prices without inflation. Specific proposals by the speaker. Changing our dollar and its immediate effect. Producing redeemable money. Paying in Canadian gold. Adopting a plan for a program of public works that would pay its own way, with example. Making Canada busy with construction work again. Making international contracts. Starting again the flood tide of immigration that was and is and has to be the fundamental basis of the prosperity of Canada.