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King, Allan

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The most interesting year in a decade, for those concerned about freedom, cultural sovereignty and public policy in film and television. A top-to-bottom review of television policy by the CRTC, as well as a comprehensive review of feature film policy by the Ministry of Canadian Heritage. The problem stated. The lack of ability of the country to sustain its own film industry without government funding or regulation. Why this is so. The need to subsidise, and two questions that arise: Is there any real value in being able to hear your own voice in your own home?; If so, what is the most effective way of enabling this? Discussion follows. The question of identity. The need for a distinct identity. Cultural diversity and its positive effects. Some statistics to show how we do in this realm. A proposal to broadcasters. Comparisons with other countries. Federal policies and their effects. Learning why we have not yet created a healthy base for Canadian feature films. What falls under provincial law and the results of that structure. The issue of theatrical distribution. Some of our successes. New worlds of feeling being explored in feature films. Ways in which feature films rise beyond entertainment. Some comments on entertainment and art and society. Recommendations to the Minister for Canadian Heritage from the Feature Film Advisory Committee. The future of Canadian feature films. Providing support to the Minister to champion the extraordinary potential of Canadian films.