Vladimir Putin

Marine, Hon. A.B.

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Two main issues on which the Liberal Party in Great Britain appeals to the Electors for support: principally, on a cry against the House of Lords; subordinately, upon the Budget; sectionally, upon Home Rule for Ireland. The Liberal-Unionists ask support upon a national policy of Tariff Reform, including protection against foreign importation, and preference to Colonial products. The principle rather than the details of such a policy which the public is asked to support. The twofold aspect of the cry against the House of Lords: denunciation of its conduct in rejecting the Budget proposals of the Government; a demand for the reform of its constitution, as being inherently bad. Ways in which these cries are essentially different in character. The House of Lords representing a class, and therefore fundamentally opposed to democratic theories. The question whether class representation should longer be permitted different from the question whether this particular class representation has done wrong things of which the rejection of the Budget is a specific instance. Objections to, and replies from, the Lords on this issue. The question of reformation of the House of Lords; the issue as to whether or not it allows itself to be unduly influenced by class or personal interests of vital importance. Details of how the House of Lords functions, relating it to this issue. The Prime Minister, Mr. Asquith, forced into an attitude of hostility to the exercise by the House of Lords; some of his words from a few years ago with regard to the function of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. What the Lords say in justification of their exercise of the power of rejection. Details of the proposals under the following headings: New Taxes; Liquor Licenses, etc.; Land Value Taxes; Objections to the Land Value Taxes and with many quotations from various Lords. Conclusions from the speaker that there seems little reason to hope that the result of the approaching elections will amount to even a measurably intelligent and unprejudiced expression of opinion by the electorate on either the Budget proposals or Tariff Reform. What the Irish Home Rulers will do, and other speculative predictions. The Motherland, never facing a greater crisis than the present, with four might issues tumbled together in one throw of the dice: Home Rule for Ireland; Abolition or Reform of the Lords; The Budget Proposals, and Tariff Reform.