Vladimir Putin

Waldman, Jeffrey; Sterling, William; Joseph, Ian

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Jeffrey Waldman: The fixed income market. A recap of some fixed-income highlights from last year. Our current level of interest rates in historical perspective. Two themes that will dominate bond markets over the coming years. An outlook for this year. A potential movie sequel to watch for in the year 2001. Ian Joseph: Some personal background of the speaker. Looking at the declines as cathartic, and how that is so. Some salubrious effects to this correction, with illustrative examples. A brief examination of the more secure conditions that have formed the basis for the long expansion and whether or not they have been exhausted. What lies ahead for the Canadian market. A bumpy year ahead with anticipated volatility. The speaker's portfolio of choice. A final remark about Nortel. William Sterling: An introduction from the speaker as a recovering economist. A message of cautious optimism. The signs. Financial-sector indicators. A look at the real economy side. Some historical perspective. What we have now. The ultimate success of the Fed. Good news for investors looking offshore from the US. A final piece of wisdom.