Vladimir Putin

Lacoste, His Excellency Francis

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One of the marks of a high civilization: the possibility of a people to claim two spiritual origins. Canada's privilege in this regard since our population is composed chiefly of two elements representative of the two strongest cultures of Europe. Canada's consciousness of this double origin, and how it impresses newcomers. A glimpse of what France is thinking and doing today in the domain of science and its applications which are preparing and will transform the life of this planet tomorrow. The economic power of France. The "evolutionary" and "anticipatory" factor in the economy of nations, of this "future power" potential in the power of today. Some history and background going back to before the First World War. The passing of the era of solitary research and of "one-man discoveries." Remarks on the nature of research and present progress. Questions posed about the creative effort of the research in France, with responses as to the results and achievements of such efforts. Time to recuperate. How the French political, social and economic set-up reacted in 1945 and since. The French National Centre of Scientific Research created just before the war and reorgnized in 1945 with the general task of "developing, directing and co-ordinating scientific research of every kind." Details of particular responsibilities. An examination of some of the principal fields of endeavour: coal, steel, electricity, gas pipelines, railroads, use of electricity to run trains, the utilization of pro-stressed concrete, the cinemascope, the "GAMMA" calculator, the aeronautical industry, atomic energy. The growing demand for French industrial techniques and technicians, especially in the fields of civil engineering and public works, with examples in several countries. French endeavours conscious of being at work for the community of free nations to which she belongs. International co-operation as one result of the terrible experience of the last war.