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Alternative Energy: How Soon Is Too Soon?

A definition of alternative energy - or what it isn't. Narrow focus on alternative green energy. How things are changing for alternative energy. Ontario's Green Energy Act. The International Renewable Energy Agency. The commitment of all three panellists to green energy. Introduction of the panellists. Several questions were asked and each panellist had the opportunity to respond. The topics covered in the questions were as follows: 1) When will alternative energy become not an alternative energy but the standard energy? 2) Does the whole system need rethinking or can the various energies fit together on the grid? 3) Energy costs that reflect the real cost of producing and delivering that energy. 4) What is the long-term plan if government goes down the same path as Bullfrog? 5) What are the opportunities with regard to solar thermal? 6) The smart grid - can it happen? 7) Controlling the flow of power. 8) FERC - the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the U.S. 9) Energy use from a generational perspective. 10) The Obama administration and its possible effects. Concluding remarks from each panellist.