Vladimir Putin

Pratt, A.C.

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Some impressions from the speaker of the recent British elections and then, from the viewpoint perhaps of an Imperialist, something as to Reciprocity. The extreme rapidity and suddenness with which Great Britain plunged from dissolution to voting at the polls, locked in combat the day the House dissolves with the election on in a surprisingly short time. The way a constituency fights its battles on the issues. The type of men in public life in Great Britain. The lack of pay for the politician, the member of Parliament in old Britain. The importance of the issue over the man. Canadian politics in contrast. The British elector, looking upon the franchise as his inalienable right, and using it at the polls. An illustrative anecdote. The issue of tariff reform. The lack of correct viewpoint on this issue in Canada. The labour problem. Canada's relationship with the United States; her relationship with Great Britain.

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