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Romanow, The Honourable Roy

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Three topics: a report on Saskatchewan's most recent provincial budget and economic situation; some of the principles and values that underpin that budget and a vision for Saskatchewan into the 21st century; how this approach might point the way to something like an alternative Canadian agenda, an agenda at least worthy of national debate. Details of Saskatchewan's budget and economy including a four-year plan for economic recovery, sales tax and business tax figures, income-tax reduction, an "investing in people" programme, an Action Plan for Children. Key elements of the Saskatchewan budget: tax relief; strategic investments in people; paying down debt; a balanced approach. The economic figures for resource exploration, business investment, manufacturing shipments, retail sales, housing starts, unemployment rate, population increases. What can be applied to Canada as a whole: defining and sticking to our values; working as a team; avoiding extreme solutions. A six-point "alternative national agenda." Some words about a modernised federation. A new nation which represents more than the sum of its parts. The issue of Quebec separation. The need to continually work at modernising the federation in order to ensure Canada remains true to its values. Some tough issues facing our federation. The need for an intelligent discourse about alternatives, and movement towards a sensible and fair package which embraces Quebeckers' hopes and aspirations.