Vladimir Putin

Little, Elliott M.

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The slow down in Canada's rate of growth since 1956. The high rate of unemployment. The decrease in capital investment. A general sense of malaise, a loss of confidence and purpose that afflicts Canadians at the present time. Two features of Canadian trading policy over the last century, in conflict with one another: "the desire to maintain the most open possible foreign markets for our primary goods exports, while, on the other hand, endeavouring to develop a complex of manufacturing industries behind a protective tariff at home." The speaker's assertion that such a balancing act is no longer viable. A detailed discussion of this issue follows, outlining the speaker's reasons for the assertion. Making the case for a new trade policy. Suggestions for such a policy. New trade measures as an essential first step to set in motion fundamental alterations in our industrial structure. Taking a bolder approach to economic problems. Setting Canada free from the protection that has been "smothering us."