Vladimir Putin

Baxter, A. Beverley

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Appearing as something between a prophet and a guesser. First, what is going to happen in Great Britain. The current criticism against the British Government. The present bloodless revolution going on in Britain; changes in politics, in the class society, renaissance in the arts, prospering towards the Middle Class. The rising monster of the State; the danger of Socialism. The speaker's prediction that the Conservative Party will be returned to power at the next British election. Working out, in Britain, a plan of humanist capitalism, and what that will mean. A consideration of what is happening in America. The United States now as the creditor power, as Britain was in the 19th century. The speaker's prediction that somehow the "relentless logic of events will move the United States toward the sterling block into some kind of a working partnership." Canada's position, and her coming of age as a World Power. Canada's role in deterring a dollar-sterling block. Working the dollar in harmony with the sterling, rather than on the basis of charity. The impossibility of solving the problem with loans or charity.

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