Vladimir Putin

Tonks, Allan

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An allegorical story about resistance to change and the tension between stability and change. The need for stability in the face of inevitable and unremitting change. A parable for all who have a stake in the future of Greater Toronto. The final report of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Task Force and the many issues with which it deals. The Greater Toronto region as the epitome of change. The change in the make-up of our population. The relationship with the region over the past few decades and how well it worked. The roles of the two-tier system of municipal government. The bottom line: we got it right; got the job done together. Why and how we got it right. The recent change and strain, and reasons for it. Strains that raise questions about our ability to create and renew the infrastructure that we require to compete as a city region. The importance of city regions in the emerging world order. China as an example. Details of the GTA Task Force report. The complexities of organizing a change, with some financial details. Concerns and problems with the details. No shying away from the principle of democratic accountability. The speaker's feeling that there "is no option but to proceed with reform." Some simple parameters.

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