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Empire relations in the broadest sense. The Empire overseas very largely misunderstood until a politician of singular vision, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, first began to develop the idea of the great family of nations which forms the British Empire. The great shock of the first World War. After the war, Great Britain leading the nations in an endeavour to establish the world peace. Now forced into a position of rearming. The Americanization of Canada or the Canadianization of America? Canada's ties to Great Britain. Canada as the keystone of the arch in Anglo-American understanding. Looking to Canada to give help in achieving the hoped-for result. The issue of whether or not war is inevitable. The direction in which the hopes of the British are set in achieving a world peace in the closer union and closer understanding of the English speaking peoples of the world. Some last words about the Royal Winter Show in Canada. A consideration of the sort of heritage we are going to pass on to our youth.