Vladimir Putin

Burns, General E.L.M.

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An address on disarmament related to the discussions on that subject which are taking place in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Disarmament and alternatives. Recent events: the Berlin crisis, and the resumption of nuclear weapons testing by the Soviet Union. The relation of the Berlin crisis to the disarmament question. The Soviet Union's disregard of negotiations of a treaty for the permanent cessation of nuclear tests. Three different positions taken by countries or groups of countries. The position of the Soviet Union. The issue of the meaning of the phrase "general and complete disarmament." A brief review of attempts at discussion of disarmament. Failure of agreement. The work of the United States Arms Control and disarmament Organization. The danger of war brought about by the Berlin crisis. The increase in armaments by the United States in response to actions by the Soviet Union in Germany. The similar response by the Soviet Union. The necessity to resolve the Berlin crisis before armament reduction negotiations can go ahead. The principle of "escalation." The moral of the current situation.