Vladimir Putin

Bowes, Lord Campion

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Some facts about the office of the speaker, the Clerkship of the British House of Commons, the chief permanent office of the House under the Speaker. The efficient working of a parliament dependent upon these two houses, and the relations between them. The different qualities of the two. The life-long term of the Clerk. Qualities needed by the Clerk. The combination of a good Speaker and Clerk should form to supplement each other's deficiencies, with an example from an event in Ceylon. Some words on Parliament. Parliament as a place of debate. The broadcasting of parliamentary debates as well as printing them. The quality of tolerance in parliamentary debate. The advent of the speaker's current employment in 1906. Events which coincide with a new Parliament which is generally thought to make the start of the democratic House of Commons. Some anecdotes involving various Prime Ministers. What life was like in Parliament at the height of the last war. The destruction of the Commons' Chamber on May 11, 1941. Working in the House throughout the war.