Vladimir Putin

Duncan, James S.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The Canadian Trade Mission to Britain beginning on the 22nd of November and lasting for a period of three and a half weeks. The degree of public interest aroused from the mission in governmental circles and also among the industrialists, the business men and among the general public. A mission that went far beyond the fondest hopes of those who were responsible for its organizations. Reasons that explain the remarkable impact which the trade mission had upon the British public. Details of the organizational feat of the British authorities. Impressions taken home by the Canadian trade mission members, of British industry. Recovery in British manufacturing from the gruelling experience of the war and the restrictions and shortages of capital and raw materials which followed. Room for improvement. Some import and export figures. Why Canada should assist the United Kingdom by increasing our purchase of British goods. Bringing trade into better balance. Some remarks on the imbalance of trade between Canada and the United States. Countering arguments against increasing trade with Britain. A change in name from the Dollar Sterling Trade Council to the Canada-U.K. Trade Council. Promoting a greater diversity in our trade pattern. Taking an important step towards ensuring greater economic stability.