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Reasons why the names of Haig and Hardy will live on. An estimate of Hardy's reach of power and of his limitations. Hardy's death now leaving us without a recognized leader. Confronting some of the facts and problems of his career. A review of many of Hardy's works, such as "Tess," and "Jude the Obscure." Hardy's commencement of poetry at the age of 55. The Wessex Poems with their revelation that Hardy had been writing poetry for some years. The way in which his work was received. The value of these poems for the younger generation. A review of some of Hardy's poems, with quotations. A consideration of the novels, with a brief review of several works and themes. The general effect and impression of Hardy as one of massive power and grandeur. Ways in which Hardy is the most significantly and characteristically English. Hardy's historic imagination. Hardy as poet, even through his fiction.