Vladimir Putin

Keyes, Sir Roger

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The importance of sea power in relation to the British Empire. The issue of a reduction of armaments. The ever increasing rivalry in the field of sea-borne commerce. Maintaining the British Empire as in the past, by policing its outposts by soldiers, sailors, airmen or police, according to the circumstances, and the keeping of its communications safe and free from interference in peace and war by the Empire's great sea services. Some words about the English seamen who did great service in the pace in making England the Empire it is today and in making all these great Dominions a part of the great Commonwealth of British Nations. Some suggestions for reading, and some literary references to sea power. The unpredictable sea history of the next half century, such unpredictability as learned from the past. A detailed look at that history. Britain's lead in the right and proper use of armed forces in peace time. As an illustration, the timely arrival of British troops and ships at Shanghai when a vast cosmopolitan colony was in immediate and desperate danger. A look at a number of victories. The vital need for sea power, and the reasons why. The current situation in terms of the Empire's sea power, from the end of the Great War. The misguided Treaty of London, and its consequences. Some figures to show the Fleet's current limitations. The absolute necessity of a navy for England. The speaker's demand that the obsolete ships be replaced.