Vladimir Putin

Markowitz, Dr. Jacob

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What World War II was all about. World War II as a religious war. What we fought for: to establish the sanctity of the human personality; our right of free speech; the right to govern ourselves. Such principles peculiarly British, and how that is so. What the British have done for the human race over the last 300 years. Ways in which the British are different. Examples of their accomplishments. The speaker's experiences as a Medical Officer with the British Army when captured in Singapore. A detailed description of the way the speaker and his fellow captives were treated. Starvation, and forced work. The absence of reliable news. How a radio was obtained. The speaker's experience as a Medical Officer, including several anecdotes. An epidemic of cholera. The premature aging of thousands of men as one of the saddest features of captivity. Some final remarks about the spirit of the British. A closing quotation from Rupert Brooke.