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Some words on Alexander Graham Bell, and Baddeck, the town on Cape Breton Island where Bell spent the last 30 years of his life. This address proceeds under the following headings: Innovation and Breaking Paradigms; Reaching the Future; Winds of Change; Betting on the Future and on Canada; The Digital Economy Bell's Commitment; Let's Build the Future in Canada. Many issues are discussed, including the following. The importance of determination rather than size. Canada facing the choice of accepting or refusing to accept the status quo. Some pressing problems to be addressed. Challenges in improving productivity growth and closing what the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has called a serious innovation gap. Productivity growth as key both to international competitiveness and rising national incomes. Putting into perspective Canada's high rate of productivity, but low rate of productivity growth. Where we are in terms of exports. Improving productivity, closing the innovation gap, and securing leadership positions in growth industries to leave a better legacy for the next generation. What has to be done. Where Canada goes from here. How Canada can be a meaningful player in the integrated global information industry. Choosing a direction and implementing it. Four factors which make choosing the right bets increasingly difficult: globalisation, expanding competition, rapid advance of technology, and customer ascendancy. A sea of broken assumptions and a revolutionary change in thinking about how companies, including Bell, do business. Bell's impending announcement of the creation of a new software-based service-development organisation which will be one of the largest R&D shops in Canada. The digital economy based on the increasingly efficient movement of information. The government of Canada's vision for telecommunications based on two clear goals which are shared fully by Bell. Three strategic initiatives to help achieve this vision. The speaker's challenge to the international supercarriers to come and invest in Canada. A vision worth fighting for. Waiting for the decision of the CRTC on local competition policy and a host of other critical issues. Building the future together. Getting our rules right, our targets clear, and old paradigms behind us.