Vladimir Putin

Shapiro, Dr. Bernard J.

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Canadian universities. A surprising feature of universities. The university as a defining feature of our society. That situation as a reflection of a number of factors. How universities have become central to public policy and also central instruments of public policy. Teaching and research as public trusts. The civic purposes served by universities providing the only foundation for their social legitimacy. Scholarship now a public trust; teaching as a moral vocation. Moving away from the ivory tower. Understanding scholarship. Facing our own shortcomings in Canadian universities. The need for universities to act as social critics. Improvements in undergraduate education and faculty efforts in research. The real achievements of undergraduate education and the things that often obscure them. Acting on our convictions about the importance of the undergraduate experience. Reaffirming the value of teaching as a moral vocation. Paying attention to both the content and the method of teaching. Changes worth introducing, the speaker citing three in particular. Some comments on the potential transformation of higher education as a result of the development of the new technologies. The speaker's conviction that above all else the university must stand as a quality enterprise. The costs of mass education. Limited resources. Changes necessary if Canada and Canadian universities are going to effectively participate in the knowledge-intensive and globalised economy of the future. The widening gap between the mission set for Canada's universities and the resources available for fulfilling that mission. The advantages of marked differentiation among different type of institutions as well as amongst institutions. The difficulty of developing convictions. What is at stake. Creating the future.