Vladimir Putin

Wildey, A.E.

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An address accompanied by moving pictures. A twofold object in relation to the commerce of the most important public body in the Old Country: a message of good-will towards Canada, and a desire to stimulate the interest of Canadians in the great market which is served by the Port of London. Making better known the marketing and distributing facilities which the Port of London offers for produce from Canada. Ascertaining from producers and shippers whether there be any way in which the Authority can help to facilitate trade between the two countries. A brief history of the Port of London Authority. The many and varied functions of the Authority. Some facts and figures. How every part of the British Empire has benefited by selling its products in London. Some illustrative figures to support this statement. London's geographical position which has facilitated its growth as a national and international market. London as the financial centre of the world, exerting a tremendous influence on international trade. A description of the distributing facilities at London. Details of merchandise handled through the Port of London. Increases in the export of paper from Canada and Newfoundland. Why Canada should look to London for increased sales. The steady and certain gravitation of industry to the south of England, and reasons for it. The speaker's delight at what he had seen in Canada.