Vladimir Putin

Wilson, The Hon. Michael

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A reminder of some of Canada's achievements. Canada's standard of living in a global context. The government's current Prosperity Initiative: some plans and details. Two goals for the Prosperity Initiative: to seek advice, from Canadians, about what government can do to improve the competitive environment in Canada; to prompt Canadians to think about what they can do for themselves--to encourage individuals and companies to do a critical self-examination--so they can enhance their own competitive positions. A review of some of Canada's problems with regard to competition, particularly productivity performance. Quality and quantity of our investments. Focusing on four themes to secure Canada's future and challenges and choices confronting Canadians and Canadian firms: the National Investment Challenge; Making Quality Investments; Seeking Foreign Investment; and Canadian Firms In Global Markets. A discussion of these themes and the message the speaker hopes to convey to Canadians of a National Investment Challenge.