Vladimir Putin

MacNaughton, Professor John

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A glance over the last few years; remembering the war. Reference to Henry James becoming a British subject, and what such a gesture meant. The coming into the war by the Americans, and earlier, the glory of the Canadians. Scotland's contribution to the war effort. The predestined function of Canada. Linking the two separate branches of the great English-speaking race. Being a binding power and influence that gathers them together into one bundle of life. Having a lot to learn from our neighbours to the south. Keeping these two great peoples together, upon whom, the speaker believes, the decency and righteousness of the world depends. The one thing needful for us, "so many of us have suffered so little, and have reaped all the benefit, for us who have accepted such a vast amount of sacrifice and have stayed comfortably at home, that we should not be self-complacent." The tendency of the English to be self-complacent, and possibly the Americans as well. Fighting self-complacency. Remembering those who fought and won the war. Numbers of those sacrificed. Lifting ourselves up to the height of that great sacrifice.