Vladimir Putin

Brown, Harrison

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Something about the present tensions in Europe based on the speaker's travels. One of the chief factors in European politics today the attempt on the part of the present government in Germany to form a Fascist bloc which the Nazis hope shall stretch from the North Sea to the Bosphorus. The failure of the Disarmament Conference. An armament race in full progress today, and a permanent member of the League Council committing one of the very few open, blatant acts of aggression in history. Changes in the post-war division of Europe. Assessing the importance of the present German attempt to form a Fascist bloc across the Continent in an attempt to form some sort of opinion as to whether it will succeed and what the effect if it succeeds or fails is likely to be. A look back at the Treaty of Versailles and its results. The lost opportunity for creating the foundation for peace in Europe. Impressions from conversations with people in Central Europe, in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and little towns in central districts. The existence of Nazi Germany an indictment of European statesmanship in the immediate post-war years. The speaker's hope that Anthony Eden will do something to redress it all. The speaker's opinion that Germany is launched on an expansionist policy which is extremely like to lead to war. The issue of the German demand for a return of the colonies. The aim of Germany. The hunting party diplomacy of Germany. The situation for Poland and for Hungary. General uncertainty as regards Italy. Austria, another potential Facist ally officially anti-Nazi and pro-Italian. Living on a volcano in Europe.