Vladimir Putin

McClain, B.H.

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The need for the different portions of the British Empire to take a larger and deeper interest in the other parts as something that has become evident throughout the war. Linking up the East and the West. India's troops, sent forth at the outbreak of the war to Persia. The strategic importance of Boskara on the Tigris; destined to become one of the great commercial and railroad cities of the East. The advance by Gen. Townshend's brave band who held out so long at Kut-el-Amara after the capture of Boskara, and subsequent events. A reading from one of the official records, and from Gen. Townshend. Reinforcements sent to Gen. Townshend and a review of subsequent events. The attitude of Government in sanctioning the advance to Bagdad against Gen. Townshend's advice. The disastrous results. Details of the event. The continual struggle to maintain the army against disease and heat after the fall of Kut. The conditions under which the British forces lived and fought. The work of Sir Percy Lake in organizing the force. The late Lieut. Gen. Sir Stanley Maude's drive through, re-capture of Kut-el-Amara from the Turks, occupation of Bagdad, and the press on to the west and north. The record of that campaign, except for that last brilliant advance, one of defeat and loss, of suffering resulting in surrender. The speaker's recollection of watching the men as they marched from the hospitals, emaciated, sometimes wounded. Asking if such a campaign was worthwhile; reasons why it was. Placing in Birth hands and under British control this region, which is the key to the British Empire in the east.