Vladimir Putin

Riddell, W.A.

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Turning our thoughts to Geneva, the political centre of the world, the fountainhead of International Cooperation. What London is to our Empire relations, Geneva is to International cooperation. The realization of the importance of Geneva by the Canadian Government. The establishment of the speaker as an Advisory Officer, an accredited permanent representative of Canada in Geneva. Canada's obligations under the Treaty of Peace that we shall be represented by delegations at the Assembly of the League, at the International Labour conferences, and at the many conferences that are held form time to time. Delegations from other countries. Canada's excellent record at Geneva, with specific examples. Canada's prominent part in the social and humanitarian work of the League, also in the economic work, with examples. The League's debt to the British Empire for those fundamental principles of co-operation upon which it was based: of partnerships, of equality, of legislative autonomy which had been developed in Canada and other British Dominions. A review of events with regard to international co-operation following the end of the War. Priorities and topics at the world economic conference which is to be held this year, to deal in general with the world economic position, and discuss many of the most difficult questions as to economic tendencies which affect the peace of the world. Some of the financial work of the League, with dollar figures, and illustrative examples. International co-operation in the matter of labour at Geneva. A plan to hold a conference with regard to labour standards: the protection of women and children; accident compensation, etc. 23 conventions already passed and referred to different governments. 16 of those already considered by the Parliament of Canada; 8 referred to the Provinces as coming within provincial jurisdiction; 4 ratified by the Federal Government, and 2 others being considered at present. Encouraging the provinces to take action in their spheres of industrial standards. The benefits of having it known that Canada's goods are produced under the very best conditions. Looking upon Geneva as the world's round-table, and, like the Arthurian prototype, to imply much more than mere discussion. The Temple of Peace likely only to be built by the generation that knew the horrors of war and have faith in glorious international co-operation.