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Stephens, Major George W.

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Canada's present rate of increase which will, during the 20th century, contribute to the Empire a population exceeding that now occupying the British Isles, and produce from one quarter of her available wheat areas in the West more wheat then now comprises the total wheat crop of the United States. Two methods of providing for the handling of this new business: by increasing transportation and terminal facilities on Canadian soil; by allowing business to be taken care of by transportation routes and sea terminals not within the limits of this Dominion. A consideration of the St. Lawrence route as comprising: the channel which gives access to the head of ocean navigation; the inland waterway which links the sea route with the heart of a great continent; the ocean inland distributing ports belonging to the system. The speaker's hope that one day there will preside over this great water-route a directorate of far-sighted men who will guide and control its destinies, will shape and administer its transportation efficiency in a manner that will preserve to Canada the prestige of possessing the shortest and deepest trade route from the heart of this continent to the sea. The potential force of the statement that "as the 19th Century had belonged to the people of the United States, so would the 20th belong to the people of Canada. An examination of the conditions which make this statement so remarkable. The marvellous progress of 100 years in the United States, and to what it is due. Comparing this with the conditions under which the opening years of the 20th Century are surrounded, with reference to the development of our own country. Placing this waterway in other parts of the world and considering its effect. The St. Lawrence waterway as the cheapest and most efficient national trade route on this continent. Canadian shareholders and investment figures for the St. Lawrence Ship Canal and the Port of Montreal. A description of the St. Lawrence and details of shipping. Following the inland waterway which has its source at the heart of a continent and links together the five great lakes, canals and rivers with the ocean navigation just described: a detailed description including port and terminal facilities along the way. Canada's present weakness in storage capacity, terminal facilities and ship tonnage. Problems to be worked out to maintain the prestige of the St. Lawrence route: vastly greater terminal facilities; increased storage capacity; a deeper inland waterway. A word or two with reference to our national sea port at Montreal where inland and ocean navigation meet. The aim of the Harbour Commissioners of Montreal to create a modern business sea-port whose economic administration and careful development will provide to Canadians a sea-port of which they shall be justly proud.

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