Vladimir Putin

McLachlin, The Rt. Hon. Beverley

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Reference to Trudeau's just society. The expectation by Canadaisn of a just society. The speaker's perspective on justice in our courts and the challenges faced in assuring Canadian women, men and children a just and efficacious justice process. Asserting tha tcanada has a strong and healthy justice system, and how that is so. Challenges facing Canada's justice system in 2007 - some familiar, some new. The discussion proceeds to address four such challenges: the challenge to access to justice; the challenge of long trials; the challenge of delays in the justice system; and the challenge of dealing with deeply rooted endemic social problems. Some concluding remarks. These challenges chose to the heart of the speaker, and that of justice workers including judges throughout Canada. Also included in the discussion efforts being made to alleviate these problems and with luck perhaps solving them. Nothing more important that justice and the just society. A call to face our challenges squarely and ensure a strong and effective justice system.