Vladimir Putin

Udall, Honorable Stewart L.

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A joint meeting of The Canadian Club of Toronto and The Empire Club of Canada. Some figures to show the relationship between Canada and the United States in terms of trade. The United States' use of Canadian raw materials, with example. The four pillars of the relationship: peace, freedom, respect, and co-operation, as characterized by President Johnson. The fourth pillar of co-operation on which the future growth of Canada and the United States rests, as evidenced by the increasing interdependence of the people of both nations. The pattern of energy exchanges between Canada and the U.S. and with other areas of the world as a reflection and recognition of mutual advantage. The major source of strength for the two economies, and a source of numerous problems. Looking at the North American Continent in a new light from the standpoint of the world's energy requirements. Technological development. Benefits of development. Details of various agreements with the two countries in terms of power. A review of the economic relationship between Canada and the U.S. in terms of various kinds of power: hydroelectric, nuclear, petroleum and natural gas, oil, coal, uranium. The constant balancing of short-term considerations versus long-term interests. Continuing and accelerated development of all energy sources and the phasing of these resources into the two economies, to achieve the best production patterns and proper utilization. Pledging the fullest co-operation of the Government of the United States "as we go forward with the joint development of the energy resources so vital to the future of both Canada and the United States."