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Bruce, His Honour, Lieut.-Colonel The Honourable Herbert A.

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Toronto's celebration of its centenary this year. Toronto actually "coming out of the woods," the woods that for centuries bordered the lake. A visit to the past to see how it all happened. A look at Toronto's history, beginning in 1673 with an Indian village named Teieiagon where Baby Point now stands on the east bank of the Humber. Work of Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe. The sort of place York was to live in in the early 1800's. Toronto 100 years ago when it was incorporated as a city. Major events, such as getting sidewalks and cabs. The fire of 1849. Modern Toronto with pipes to pump water up from the lake, reservoirs and hydrants. The growth of the Police Force. The Riots of 1855 and 1874. The precursors of our modern shops and hotels. Insight into the manner in which Toronto became an accomplished fact. Toronto today exceeding all expectations. Tackling the problem of slum dwellings. The founding of the University of Toronto. Culture in Toronto. Sports facilities, fairs and exhibitions, including the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Winter Fair.