Vladimir Putin

Rustomjee, Rustom

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Some amusing anecdotes of the speaker's reception in various parts of the world. Forces seeking not only to drive a wedge between the peoples of the United States and the British Empire, but between the Mother-country and His Majesty's overseas dominions. The speaker's conviction, after a prolonged stay and much travelling both in the U.S. and Canada, that the headquarters of the arch-conspirators against Great Britain, especially England, are located in the U.S. cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. Some personal reminiscences. Hostility to British rule. The question, and the speaker's response, with regard to the British Indian Empire coming to an end. The work of Great Britain becoming more majestic and more glorious as years roll by. India's contributions to the war. The economic cause of the unrest in India. The religious and political causes of the unrest. The new era in India and what it means politically. Moving towards complete responsible government. Great Britain's achievements in India. Words on the Empire. What the King represents and symbolizes. The need to renounce, in a manner, the world's high expectations with which the entrance into the world's great conflict was hailed by the peoples of the Empire. Trying to renew the youth of the world; trying to save society, divided against itself; trying to save the multitudes endangered by their ungovernable passions. The address concludes with a song.