Vladimir Putin

McCrimmon, Chancellor A.L.

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The war, revealing certain great principles of action and certain great trends of history. Some of our preconceptions being verified; others not. The trend of German ambition. A review of the history and traditions of Prussia and Germany, with three people coming to mind: Frederick of Prussia, Bismarck, and the present Kaiser. Nearly all of the great nationalistic movements of Germany having their origin in, or flowing from, these three men. The trouble with Germany that she came late into the world of nations, with little or no elbow-room left. Her need and methods of taking possession of sundry portions of the earth. The revelations, with a discussion of each. The tortuous and immoral policy of diplomacy of Prussian statesmanship that is also revealed, and that is also traditional. The war also bringing us disclosure that the German autocracy is incapable of interpreting the British genius and understanding the true spirit of democracy. Also showing that the spiritual bond which binds the Empire is a very real one. In the last place there is revealed to us the fundamental distinction between the British and the German genius when the people are under severe compulsion and pressure. The difference in the genius also as represented by the literary productions of the two countries. The speaker concludes with the national Hymn of Hate which has been produced by the Germans, with responses from Lewis and R.E. Vernede, as an illustrative example.