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MacBrien, General J.H.

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The aims and objectives of a new patriotic organization called The Canadian Air League. The motto of the League: "Canada and the Empire United by Air." Some worlds about flight and the history of flight. The two schools of aeronautic thought: heavier-than-air craft and lighter-than-air craft. Some key moments in the history of manned flight. Flying today. Safety issues. Requirements for safe air flight: the best material; the best trained personnel in the world; organized airways and airports; good wireless communications. The development that is going on in the different large countries of the world, and a comparison with our own developments. Organized air routes in Europe and national aerial leagues which help the respective governments to establish aviation upon a sound basis. The state of affairs in Czechoslovakia, Germany, and France, with facts and figures. Germans at the present time as world leaders in civil aviation. Imperial Airways in Great Britain. Comparing Canada and Australia in terms of air routes. The intensive development that is taking place in the United States.Some words about Lindbergh. Aviation in Canada. The lack of organized air routes. The work of the Canadian Air League to assist in the development and use of aviation as a means of transportation in Canada. The danger that unless Canadians undertake these activities, it will be done for us, chiefly by our cousins from the south. Evidence that that might happen. Another object of the League to establish an aircraft industry in Canada, with its fifty odd ancillary trades and professions. Aims and objectives of the League in some detail. How these aims can be attained. Details of specific programmes and activities. Educational work. Training programmes. The flying clubs. Aircraft and trade. The development of aviation as part of the solution to transportation problems. A request to the audience for participation and support in the League.