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Fitzpatrick, Sir J. Percy

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Acknowledgement and gratitude for the help given to South Africa in the War and in the subsequent period of the reconstruction. The history of South Africa with a steady conflict between two ideals. Putting the case before us without prejudice. One side with the aim at having a Dutch republic in South Africa in which there would be racial dominance; the other side aimed at the Empire, the flag, equality. A struggle which is 100 years old, but on the part of the Dutch settlers even older than that. A review of events leading up to the war. The signing of peace on the 31st of May, seven years ago. An account of the Union in South Africa. The British party policy to try to act as trustees of British institutions. Difficulties involved in acting fairly and seeing straight. Facing the settlement with the Dutch. The issue of language. The sort of magnetic current that runs through the Empire that tells the outlying parts that the existence of the whole structure is at stake. The importance of British policy in South Africa for the rest of the Empire. The complete self-government which the Dutch know they have got.